Accepting Clients Jan 31st 2020

About Us. Vision, Mission, Philosophy & Programming

The Fox Valley Recovery Field Model. Working with Family's in real life Family Setting.

Fox Valley Recovery Programming  model is based on the core values of integrity, excellence in innovation and a commitment to life-enhancing outcomes. Fox Valley Recovery offers emerging adults the opportunity to better understand themselves, access their strengths, develop necessary competence and actualize life goals. 

 Fox Valley Recovery addresses ongoing recovery issues on a variety of levels that recognize the complex interplay of family, social systems and the individual's psychological and spiritual needs. Individual counseling helps to increase motivation, support positive identity formation, and identify addictive patterns; group work creates a supportive community where students come in contact with others who are exuberant about life in recovery; family work creates a space for deep listening, understanding and emotional healing. 

 Our program incorporates a fully Integrated Meilu of Clinical Excellance. Clients receive a minimum of nine clinical hours each week through various groups, weekly individual therapy and 12 Step studies. 

A large part of our experiential programming centers on our monthly wilderness adventures, which include hiking, backpacking, camping, kayaking, fly fishing and vision quests.

These adventures typically run Thursday through Sunday and provide excitement, fun and exploration over weekend days that don’t feature structured clinical groups. For some, these trips are an introduction to what it means to experience the wild and disconnect from the plugged-in real world. For others, the trips serve as a return to the familiar, a chance to connect with an element of their youth or a setting they formed a relationship with in wilderness treatment.