Accepting Clients Jan 31st 2020

Program Catered to The Emerging Adult Male and Family System

Clinical Therapy Servicing Male Emerging Adults Ages 18-28. For those completing a Residential IOP,OP or PHP Program. Additionally Serving 13 -17 Year Old Population


 Our staff consists of Licensed Master’s Level Therapists and Higher with expertise in treating Addiction and associated Psychological problems. 

Led by Bryan Johnson, the Fox Valley Team is committed to the highest level of care, guiding patients through every step of the treatment process. 

Our team can be trusted to empower individuals to become their best selves. 

*Strength -Based Focus

*Individual Therapy

*Family Seminars

*Peer Support

*Educational Support Groups

*Psychological Support Groups 

*Self-Regulation Focused

*Skill Building

*Communication Tools

*Emotional Intelligence


Our experience has taught us that every case is unique. 

The Assessment Process is the foundation for developing a plan specifically for you based on your strengths, needs, and preferences from a biopsychosocial perspective. 

We want individuals, families, and loved ones looking for help to know that they are not alone.  Our Team at Fox Valley are honored to be a starting point to the healing process.


We first want to offer our support and acknowledge the courage it takes to pick up the phone and reach out for help. 

The assessment process is an opportunity for our multidisciplinary team to gather a comprehensive look at past, current, and future challenges a potential client has or may face in trying to treat their addiction.

Our Assessment Process...

*Share with us your experience.

*Help us to understand your individual needs.

*Explore the options that best meet those needs.

*Discuss your opportunities for change and grow their own relationships and family system.

 *The late onset of substance abuse by a parent when there are adult children creates another paradigm of family relationship issues. 

Case Management, Aftercare,Family Work. Professional Interventions Emerging Adults Ages 18-28 Additionally Serving 13 -17 Year Old Population


We strive to be a "Real Time Recovery Model" with heavy emphasis to engage the entire Family System.

18-28 year-old Emerging  Adults, like teens, have their own unique set of needs that must be addressed to be successful.

 Because they are adults in age, many drug and alcohol abuse rehab programs add these emerging adults into treatment groups for adults, where these emerging adults are younger than the average age and cannot relate with the experiences of older adults.

  Our Therapists are specialized for emerging adults in this age group and focused on helping young adults manage the unique set of problems they are faced when enrolling in our program.


A Professional Intervention requires a fine balance of a delicate and also firm approach to the individual. Intervening on a loved ones addiction can feel overwhelming for all involved. Questions often arise about the most effective way to approach the situation and many give their opinion on what’s best.  This often results in feelings of frustration, anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, and stress.  This is not the intention of a successful intervention on any illness.


What we at Fox Valley hope to offer through our intervention services is support, guidance, education, and inclusion.  We want to support everyone impacted by addiction and offer guidance and services to all in need of healing.  Secondly, we want to educate the support system on the disease of addiction and empower personal healing through further understanding of the illness.  Finally, we want to include the addict in the intervention process.

All too often everyone is trying to figure out the best way to treat the addict without involving the primary sufferer. We feel that this step is important.  If help is continued to be refused then further facilitation on setting healthy boundaries will be discussed.

 It is important to remember that many interventions are about supporting an individual’s health and well being, and no longer supporting the progression of their illness. Understanding this allows for the intervention process to begin.

Sober Coaching


What a Sober Coach is and What a Sober Coach Does

The idea behind a sober coach is relatively simple: to serve as a bridge between formal treatment programs and the more informal support groups during recovery. While drug and alcohol detox  and rehab programs have been shown to be extremely effective in equipping those struggling with substance abuse disorders on the road to recovery, these programs always come to an end. This is where the idea of a sober coach comes in. How much a sober coach costs depends on how much time they spend with you and what their level of experience is – sober companions can sometimes charge as much as $1,000 per day of care. By way of responsibilities, a sobriety coach provides at least several of the following services:

  • A daily connection and conversation for those in recovery
  • A bridge to other support groups
  • Accountability for complete abstinence for substances
  • Help in setting up goals and creating healthy habits
  • Exploration of how community and family can support recovery
  • Helping those in recovery build skills and coping strategies

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Our Referring Professinals


Families of our clients often engage the services of professionals in other disciplines as well. By referring professionals, we’re able to create a well-rounded addiction recovery center ideal for successful sobriety. 

These referred professionals may include:

* Interventionists *Therapists *Educational consultants *MD’s *Counselors *Clinical Social Workers* Attorneys

Communities We Serve

Algonquin/Barrington/Barrington Hills

Buffalo Grove/ Cary /Crystal Lake

Deer Park/Forest Lake / Fox River Grove

Hawthorn Woods/Hoffman Estates

Inverness/Kildeer/Lake Barrington

Lake Zurich/Lincolnshire /Long Grove

North Barrington/ Oakwood Hills

Palatine/ Port Barrington/South Barrington

Tower Lakes/Wauconda and more!

Fox Valley also accepts referrals from 

local and national treatment providers for those needing the level of care we provide....

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